Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yellowstone - Prelude

We arrivied here earlier today, we are staying at the Grant Village Campground and have a really nice site overlooking yellowtone lake.

We did a bit of grocery shopping, then hit the showers for a long overdue washdown, then drove up the road just a few miles to the West Thumb Geyser Basin.

Kate said that I should include a some photos with people for a change - I protested saying that you all know what we look like ....  but guess who won?

There were Elk browsing around the geyser pools

Then of course here are a few shots of the pools.

The water in all is just below boiling.  Some are muddy and some are all sorts of colors depending upon the mineral content.  This first one is about 20' deep.  My polarizing filter on the lens takes out the glare and allows you to see down a bit.

This next one just has some neat colors

Tomorrow we will head off to Old Faithful, and parts north and west.
Since I have an excellent broadband connection I hope to upload a good set of photos again.
Tonight I was able to upload each of these (reduced size - remember?) photos in about 5 seconds each.  Previously - they were taking 5 and 10 minutes each so blogging has been painful at times.

Hope you all are enjoying.  If so - let us know.  We like to hear some positive feedback.

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