Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rush Hour in Bisonville

In Custer State Park there is a road called the Wildlife Loop.

Here are some of the beasts that we encountered today during our trip around the loop.

A Bison Traffic Jam

Marcel & Michaela - How did you miss them???

So we turned our RV into a herding machine and moved them off the road

No sooner than done - we run into these two Jokers
  (there where a whole bunch more on the side of the road)

Lastly a herd of Pronghorn (or Antelope)

Here is a great shot of one
Notice again how their coat blends into the background.

Well tomorrow - Sadly - we turn our backs on the Mountains for the rest of this trip and head east into the Great Plains once again.

Our remaining schedule is this:

Thursday - Laura Wilder Homestead (Little House on the Prairie)  we might camp there on the open plains as well.  I think time will dictate that we eliminate our stop in the Badlands, but Kate is a real Little House fanatic so it's a small price to pay.

Friday - Drive 8 hrs to Palisades-Kepler State Park in Iowa to spend the night.

Sat - Drive 8 hrs to Lake Barkely State Resort Park in the Land Between the Lakes Area in Kentucky  On the way - maybe we can squeeze in a trip to visit with Lucys Breeder.  I have to email her and see what's up.

Sunday - Chill at Lake Barkley & get our gear organized for transfer to our Honda Van.

Monday - Drive 6 hrs to Oxford Alabama, get the Van, Transfer our Gear and spend the night at the same hotel that we stayed at the night before we picked up the RV.   (Do I smell Barbeque in my future?)

Tuesday - Turn in the RV and drive 10 hrs back to the Beauzone.  (Beaufort)

We are definitely sad for the trip to be ending...  Still some adventure ahead but things are winding down.  Thank God we live in such a great place, and have such good friends there.  It makes coming home so soon a lot easier

Next I have to get some more sailboat time before it gets cool.

Next post - from somewhere on the Prairie.

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