Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Granite Creek to the Tetons

Before I get to last night and tonight - and finally get caught up...  2 housekeeping items.

First - I brought 2 pair of glasses with me.   Now I admit - I'm pretty hard on my specs.  In one week I've managed to lose the left lens out of one pair, and the right lens out of another.  Bottom line is that the last couple of days, in order to blog, I've had to put on both pairs of glasses so that I have 2 lenses.   Not a pretty sight.

Second - if you notice a slight degradation in picture quality the last blog, its because I am compressing the images a bit to make them load faster.  This bloging has been taking hours every night.

That said.

After south Pass we drove north thru Pinedale Wy and spend last night in Granite Creek Campground just outside of Hoback Junction Wy.  It is 9 miles up a very rough dirt road at the end of a box canyon.  Our reward was that we had the entire campground to our selves.  Not a single other person was there.

That was where we had the thunder storm and had the lightning bolt hit right outside the RV.

Here are a few pictures of the view from our campsite

and the road to the campsite

From Granite Creek, we drove to Jackson Wyoming and our present campsite in Grand Teton National Park.  We will spend the night here and tomorrow drive thru the park up to Yellowstone where we will then spend the next few days.

Today after we got our campsite around noon, I did some earlier blogs, did some work (yes I even do some work while on vacation...  small price to pay for paradise I guess)  We then went down to Jackson and did some shopping...  or at least looking.   The doodles were a hit everywhere we went.  After a couple of hours in town, we would hear people saying "oh there are Lucy & Grace again"  I got to meet soooo many cute babes.   Mabye I should get a few more.

Lastly - here is just one shot of the Tetons that I took today.

Tomorrow when we drive thru the park I am sure that I will get many more.  These mountains are just so beautiful that when you look at them they just don't seem real.  This is about my 5th time here to Jackson Hole and I still am in awe each time I see them.

I am now up to date with the blog.  It's Weds 9/15/10.

Good night from Jackson Hole Wyoming.

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