Saturday, May 4, 2024

Headed to the Maritimes


Well we're back on the road.   We've actually been on the move for a bit over 2 weeks now and I'm just starting to get caught up with putting a post together.

We are using Starlink for our internet needs and it is working perfectly.   I have not had to activate my Dish service since we can stream everything no problem.    I have the Starlink antenna mounted on a pole on the back of the Bus that I take down when we move.   I've got it down to about 5 minutes so its not a bit deal at all

As I mentioned earlier, after a short couple of weeks at the house in Tucson, we are now headed to the Canadian Maritimes for the summer.    We are taking our sweet time and wont be in Nova Scotia till June 12 where we will meet up with friends Pat & Rob who will then travel with us thru September.

We left the shack on April 18.   We spent the night in Las Cruces, NM then moved on to Santa Fe, NM for two nights, and our next after that was Denver, Colorado for 5 nights where we pick up this post.

The Map below shows our travels thru today.   We are currently in Omaha, Nebraska.

Trip Map - Tucson to Omaha

Our stay in Denver was at Cherry Creek State Park.    It's a conveniently located park with good access to Denver and the surrounds.   Full-hook ups complete the picture.

Cherry Creek State Park Site # 39

A nice backyard.    The weather has been cooperating with us to date.

You can see our starlink antenna on the back of the bus.

Cherry Creek State Park Site # 39

While in Denver I had some business to attend too.   One important stop was to the facility where I have our wine collection stored.   Its been a while and I needed to take inventory.    We pulled out all the cases from the locker, opened, counted, recorded, and then sealed the boxed back up.

Wine in Storage

Wine Storage Locker

Vino Vault Wine Storage in Denver

Since the wine is being stored at 55° it was a comfortable environment to move all the cases around.
The final tally was 176 bottles.   Most of it now is the extra good collectable stuff.

Every stop in Denver includes a day or two visit with my buddy Frank.    He and I go back about 50 years to our days working in an Electric Generating Station in NJ.

Golden Colorado

One day we took a stroll up along the side of Clear Creek in Golden, Co.    Back in the day Frank & I used to take truck inner tubes further up stream and ride the summer runoff down the rapids.   In retrospect its kind of amazing that we survived.    The water was ice cold since it was most likely snow about 20 minutes earlier.

Clear Creek Golden Co

Our time in Denver passed quickly and we were off to our next stop for 2 nights.   The Cabellas store in Sidney, Nebraska.   It was only about 3 hrs from Denver.    There were forecasts for bad thunderstorms and tornados further east so this was a great place to hole up for a couple of days.    Our decision to stay here was a good one as eastern Nebraska was pounded by tornados for the 2 days that we were here.

Cabellas RV Pk Sidney, Ne

Cabellas RV Pk Sidney, Ne

Saturday a cold front came thru with big T-storms and rain.    

Cabellas RV Pk Sidney, Ne

The Sidney store is Cabellas first, and flagship store.   They have a huge stuffed animal exhibit when you walk in.   Like Noahs Ark, I think there must be just about 2 of every animal on the planet.

Cabellas Flagship Store - Sidney, Ne

Cabellas Flagship Store - Sidney, Ne

Sunday morning we woke up to some light snow, but the temps were mid 30's so nothing was sticking to the roads.   The forcast further east was looking better for a few days so we decided to move on.

Our next stop was just outside of Lincoln, Ne (where the tornados were just 2 days ago) - at the Branched Oak State Recreation Area.    We stayed at the South Campground in site #80.    It was an electric only (50a) site but IMO it was the best one in the campground with water on just about 3 sides.

Branched Oak SRA Site 80

Laying in bed in the morning I was treated to a nice sunrise.    But red sky in morning says sailors take warning...

An hour later some T-Storms passed just to the north and south of us.

One afternoon we packed up the hounds and went into downtown Lincoln to the section of townb known as the haymarket.   Once a thriving haymarket (hence the name) it's now loaded with restaurants and brew pubs.     We walked around taking in the sights and picked a place for lunch on thier outdoor patio.

Haymarket District, Lincoln, Ne

Haymarket District, Lincoln, Ne

The train station has been moved a couple of blocks and this steam engine remains at the site of the old station.

Haymarket District, Lincoln, Ne

While in Lincoln, we had several nights of heavy storms and rain.   Nothing too severe just lots of wind and big boomers.   Fortunately the dogs do not seem to mind it and sleep right thru it.

On Thursday we pulled up stakes and moved a whopping 50 miles or so further east to Omaha, Nebraska.  Our destination was Lake Cunningham Park.   Its a city park campground run by the city of Omaha.   Its a very nice place with full hookups.    We are in site 60.

Lake Cunningham City Campground Omaha, Ne

A view of our site from the northern campground.

Lake Cunningham City Campground Omaha, Ne

An arm of the lake runs up behind our site.

Lake Cunningham City Campground Omaha, Ne

While here I wanted to take Kate to Boys Town.   I had visited here with my family when I was a kid - probably 55+ years ago.

Boys Town Omaha, Ne

For those of you who are not familiar with Boys town the link above tells more about it and the sign below gives a real brief synopsis.

Boys Town Omaha, Ne

Father Flannagan, an Irish Immigrant first founded a home for men trying to get them off of the sauce.   A common theme told to him by the men in his care was that he was too late and should have been around when they were kids.   It was this that gave him the inspiration to open a home for young boys.

Construction of The Dowd Chapel in Boys town was financed in full by Mary Dowd, a prominent Irish Catholic woman from New York after she saw the 1938 film about Boys Town that starred Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney.   

Boys Town Omaha, Ne

Unfortunately the chapel was locked and we were unable to go inside to see it.

Boys Town Omaha, Ne

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother" symbolizes the spirit of boys town.

Boys Town Omaha, Ne

We did get to tour Father Flanagan's house and were treated to a guided tour.

Boys Town Omaha, Ne

Fr Flanagan's House - Living Room

Fr Flanagan's House - Kitchen

Fr Flanagan's Desk

The pictures of the desk absolutely do not do it justice!

Over 250,000 inlaid pieces of wood make up the designs.   Many of the pieces are so small yet all of them fit together perfectly

Boys Town Omaha, Ne

The intricate designs and craftsmanship by the boys who built this over 3 years was absolutely amazing.

Boys Town Omaha, Ne

Last night another cold front came thru ushering by more thunderstorms, wind, and heavy rain.   
Today - our last day here is cool and clear.    Tomorrow we move about 313 miles across Iowa to a County Park just north of Davenport, Iowa.

Perhaps it's time I let the girls drive the bus. 

Girls gone wild - Party Bus Edition

They really have this travel thing down.   I guess its normal life for them since they've pretty much been doing it for the entirety of their short lives.     Annie is now about 14 mos and Phoebe is 10 mos and they've traveled all of it except for a couple of months.

Well that's pretty much up to date.