Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pilot Mountain and Back at the Shack

On Sunday we took the short drive to Pilot Mountain State Park.
Fans of the Andy Griffith show will recall that they often
referred to the town "Mount Pilot"

Pilot Mountain is located in the town by the same name is is
basically a mountain that did now errode while the land around it did
and now stands alone in the foothills of the Blue Ridge.

The drive to the top is tree lined and quite scenic.

At the top you are rewarded with hundred mile views of the farmland below.

and a close up of Pilot Mountain across a narrow saddle.

A Vulture posed for this shot before taking wing on the thermals.

It was a beautiful day with low humidity... 
perfect for a short hike.

Later we returned back to the campground for the Sunday
night campfire.

Today - (Tuesday) we said goodbye to our new friends,
and to our old ones and headed the 5 hrs back home.

Many of the folks here we will see at the Rally this Fall
in Indiana and the others....  somewhere down the road for sure.

I was a bit lazy this weekend and did not get as many photos of the Rally
as I normally do so sorry about that.  Next time we'll do better.

The rally was a lot of fun and as always - the time passes too quickly.

The Rally this fall in Indiana will have 119 Montana's in attendance from
all over the US.  Should be a hoot.

Now - its time to mow the grass.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rally Time in Mayberry

We are spending a long weekend back out in Mt Airy, NC
at the Mayberry Campground, at a Montana RV Rally.

We drove up Thursday afternoon and will return home on Tuesday.

There are 22 Rigs here or close to 50 people from all over the
East Coast and Midwest.

There are folks here from North and South Carolina, Virginia, W. Virginia,
Delaware, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
I've probably even missed a state or two.

In this area of NC there are a number of Wineries so on Friday I took a break
from work and we went out for lunch at the Shelton Vineyards, a family
owned Winery only about 10 miles from the Campground.

The literature says they are the largest family owned estate winery in the state.

We drove thru the rows of growing grapes to reach the restaurant which was tucked
into a picturesque valley surrounded by both the vineyards as well as vegetable gardens.

We both enjoyed a flight of 5 small wine tastings with lunch.
We ordered an Orange Chicken Salad Wrap and a Roasted Vegetable Panini
and each had half.

Then we both were bad and had deserts.
I had a roasted peach cobbler with Cheesecake Croutons
and Kate had her usual Chocolate concoction...
This time it was called The Devils Triangle, 
a gigantic mass of Chocolate Cake,
Chocolate Ice Cream, and Chocolate Mousse.
(Marcel - your Mousse was better)

After lunch we took this self portrait by the grape vines.

Kate is holding our free souvenir wine glasses.

Meanwhile back at the Rally..

Thursday night was the "Meet and Greet"
Everyone brought snack foods (basically dinner) and we got to meet
some new faces and say hello to some ones that we knew from this winter.

Friday night after a beautiful sunset we watched Andy Griffith Shows
 (this is Mayberry after all) viewed on a big screen in the Pavilion.
It was nice to sit outside under the stars and watch Andy, Opie and the gang.

Fridays Sunset

Last night was the Pot luck Dinner...  or should I say feast.
With 22 Rigs in attendance you can imaging the variety of the food and deserts.

Our group among the rolling hills of the campground.

After the Pot Luck we had a raffle drawing.
Our Wagonmasters (arranged the rally) had also obtained
over 80 gifts from vendors such as Camping World so everyone
walked away with several gifts.

Then after the raffle was a White Elephant gift exchange.
That is one of those deals where you give a gift, steal a gift and so on.

The campground is located on the old farm of Eng and Chang Bunker
famous Siameese Twins from the 1800's who migrated to America and
eventually settled here and became successful businessmen, married two sisters,
and fathered 21 children, descendants of whom own this campground.

Lastly - one other activity here at the campground is our own personal RV Show.
Just like at Quartzsite this past winter, a local RV Dealer has brought
4 Montana RV's and they are open all weekend 
for us and the other RV'ers here to tour.

So far they have sold 2 RV's!
Not bad!

Even though Kate found her new "dream RV" we are not
one of the takers.  I have too much time and energy spent making
our all energy self sufficient...   we're done.

Many of the folks at the Rally here will also be at the big National
Rally this fall in Indiana so we will be seeing them there again.

From Mayberry....   safe travels to all!