Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lucy Gets her Groove on

Today was Lucys first day on the boat.

We made it just a day trip so that she could get the sights, smells etc.

Her sister Gracie is all about "It's all good" but Lucy is more timid.  At first Lucy was tail between the legs, not moving around too much.

But after a while watching sister Gracie (shown here standing "Pirate Watch") she got her sea legs and did what she does best when in motion....  sleep.

We just went a few miles south on the ICW and anchored in a quiet spot with a nice breeze blowing had some lunch, listened to some tunes and had a few brewskis.   All in all a pretty productive day if you ask me.

I've been battling a stuffing box that is getting to hot with this high tech goretex packing that I installed when ei' Lean was on the hard (out of the water)  so tomorrow I'm going to repack the suker with what I know and love from my Navy days:  Good old-fashioned Flax Packing.

Other than that the boat is is pretty much tip top shape and ready for summer fun.  

Did I mention that my anemometer (wind speed/direction) is now not working?

Always projects to keep me broke and off the streets.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back in the Saddle (or water)

Today was splashdown.  After 5 months on the hard, and lots of personal hours doing some substantial maintenance, ei' Lean is finally back in the water.

A few minor problems - a leak here - a leak there - all to be expected but nothing to sweat.

It was a short 5 mile shakedown and all went as expected.   As we headed south on the ICW to our Marina most of the traffic was northbound snowbirds as is usual this time of year.

We then ran across the Nina and the Pinta.   Interesting reproductions.....  or where they?  Did we enter a time warp?  Hummmmm

Finally we headed up our channel leaving the ICW to our Marina  (about 1000' S of MM 200 on the ICW for you salty dogs) and the day was complete.

Now for a thorough cleaning of the interior - then Cape Lookout the weekend after next.