Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ei'Leans Revenge: "Frankenboat" or the "Bride of Ei'Lean"

While Mac and his stubbly little Dhyer ridiculed and humiliated little Ei'Lean, little did he know that deep in my secret Laboratory, a new and bigger pram was taking form.

A bigger and more threatening version of Ei'Lean. Sloop rigged and with enough sail area to swallow up dyhers, and spit them out the stern.

What began as a collection of Okume planks, resin, and fiberglass has slowly been taking shape.

Soon the finish work will begin. The sanding and grinding. Sanding and grinding. Then the paint and varnishing, sanding and painting.... But once done - the sails will be bent and to the water we will go.

Be patient little Ei'Lean. Papa is coming and revenge will be yours. Feel safe for now little Dyher Dhow.... Just not for too much longer.... Frankenboat is coming.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ei Lean Gets Her Revenge

It started out as a boys weekend at the cape. Me & Mac on the floating condo, and a couple of sailing dingys.

We intended for a long weekend of friendly sailing around the Cape Lookout Bight.
We Sailed out on Friday with 15-20kt from the NE - closed hauled in smooth water a mile off of the beach.
We then spent a windy nite at anchor but Saturday dawned warm and sunny with little wind.

Soon it was time to drop the dingys in the water and go for a sail.

That's when it all turned ugly......

Mac in his Dyer Dhow kept blowing the doors off of little Ei Lean. He took every opportunity to humiliate her - passing by closely dumping water over her gunnels, stealing her wind.

At one point he even left the race and went back to the mother ship to replenish his beer supply - then sailed back out and caught up to her.
But this callous attitude was not to last...

The sea gods eventually took vengence on his showboating with rough weather on Sunday.

Our sail back to Beaufort inlet into 25kts and 6-8 ft seas right on the nose took 2 1/2 rather than the normal 1 hr.
Everytime a wave came over the bow I think I heard Ei Lean laugh and say "bite me Mac".

Bacchante even tried to dump the Dyer over the side at one point.

Was also a first test of the new Lighthouse windlass and all chain rode.
The Verdict: Life is good!