Sunday, November 25, 2012

If you want a job done right...

You must drive to Indiana.

You will remember my last post mentioned that we were having some 
tire wear issues and a blown hydraulic piston that moves one of the slides.

Well...  after driving 2.5hrs to a dealer,
leaving it there for over 7 weeks,
We finally gave up and yesterday I drove back and liberated the
RV from the clutches of incompetence.

Nothing was fixed...  Nada.... Zilch.

I still need to get everything fixed, and the clock is ticking down to
our mid December departure to Arizona so I have formulated a plan B.

The Elkhart Indiana area is basically ground zero for the RV Industry & our
unit was built near there in Goshen.  The advertising literature on our RV
touts the fact that it was built by Amish Craftsmen...

The local Walmart even has a special parking shed for the Amish Buggies.

In addition most of the RV Industry support firms that make items 
such as Frames, Appliances, hitches, and slide rooms to name just a few,
are located in the immediate vicinity as well.


Plan B is to drive up to Indiana next Saturday.

On Monday I have a 2 day appointment at MorRyde Industries where
they will cut off the suspension and install an upgraded independent suspension
with disc brakes.  My current trailer brakes are not up to the task.

Basically the type and strength of suspension and braking system
that should have been supplied in the first place.

Then on Weds, I have an 0800 appointment at Lippert Industries, the company that built
both the frame and the slide rooms.   They will fix the hydraulic piston.

While at MorRyde I will sleep in the RV at night while it's in their shop.
They have electric hookup, cable tv connection and will feed me 
breakfast and lunch....    That's service.

They have a great customer service Living Room where I can set up my
office if I don't want to work in the trailer while they are working on it.

I'm also planning on upgrading the wheels and tires to a higher load rated size
to give us a better safety margin.  So while at MorRyde I might have to make a quick
day trip to Ohio (80miles) and back to pick them up while the trailer is being worked on.

Weds afternoon hopefully all has come together enough that I will be back on the road to home.

Only 32 hrs and 1,700 miles later I should be home.

2 weeks later we head to Arizona for some wintertime desert living.