Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary to us

Today is 25 years to the day that Kate & I first met.

Boy how time flies!

We both agree on where we met..

And that Kate was the one who made all the "moves"

And that a couple of hours (and many beers) later that I was singing "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" to her and her friends.

We made a date that night to get together the next day..  and we did.

After that our stories diverge...

I say she stalked me…Tracked me down, roped and hogtied me.

 She says I just kept showing up near her neighborhood.


Well do you know the music from the movie Titanic?  You know - sung by Celine Dion?

Just change the words a bit…  

Now imagine this tune while you read on:

Near…  Far… I must find his car….

and I'll stalk him wherever he goes…..

I would be driving down a road…  look in my mirror...

and what would I see?


Then a day later…   I'm somewhere else minding my business…

I check my side mirror before I change lanes….


Side mirror 1 


Couple of days - somewhere else later I'm looking in the other mirror...


Side mirror 2


This happened more times than I can remember.

Coincidence?   You be the judge. 


Either way… I think I got the the WAY better end of this deal.

Happy anniversary Kate!


Ps.   If you notice a change in the style of this post (the pictures do no enlarge for instance) it's because I am testing a new off line blog editor.

I can create posts and add pictures without needing a web connection and then save them to upload them later when I have web access.  

All the formatting etc is done off line.

We will be blogging this way when we go to Alaska next summer so I wanted to play around with it now.