Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary to us

Today is 25 years to the day that Kate & I first met.

Boy how time flies!

We both agree on where we met..

And that Kate was the one who made all the "moves"

And that a couple of hours (and many beers) later that I was singing "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" to her and her friends.

We made a date that night to get together the next day..  and we did.

After that our stories diverge...

I say she stalked me…Tracked me down, roped and hogtied me.

 She says I just kept showing up near her neighborhood.


Well do you know the music from the movie Titanic?  You know - sung by Celine Dion?

Just change the words a bit…  

Now imagine this tune while you read on:

Near…  Far… I must find his car….

and I'll stalk him wherever he goes…..

I would be driving down a road…  look in my mirror...

and what would I see?


Then a day later…   I'm somewhere else minding my business…

I check my side mirror before I change lanes….


Side mirror 1 


Couple of days - somewhere else later I'm looking in the other mirror...


Side mirror 2


This happened more times than I can remember.

Coincidence?   You be the judge. 


Either way… I think I got the the WAY better end of this deal.

Happy anniversary Kate!


Ps.   If you notice a change in the style of this post (the pictures do no enlarge for instance) it's because I am testing a new off line blog editor.

I can create posts and add pictures without needing a web connection and then save them to upload them later when I have web access.  

All the formatting etc is done off line.

We will be blogging this way when we go to Alaska next summer so I wanted to play around with it now.


  1. Congratulations You Two!

    Oh when you learn the off line drafting I would like lessons (free of course) too.

    Miss you two.

  2. Greg:

    Happy Anniversary to you two. We are now back tracking part of your last trip down I-10. Meeting with a home builder in Kerrville, TX, then up to Austin before heading back to NOLA for a 4 days visit.

  3. Fantastic post! You guys are so great together. I am sure Kate stalked you down. She goes after what she wants with gusto and will not stop until she is happy! Happy Anniversary, we miss the Kerlin home and the Kate cooking!

  4. Happy Anniversary You TWO!!!!! YOU ARE great dam great, we're driving 1/2 way across the country to see you!

    xoxoxox Jim and Kristi and NO doodles (yet)


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