Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

For the last several years my Memorial Day Post has been from
somewhere on the road traveling thru this amazing country of ours.

It has always added just a touch of something extra to my appreciation of the day.

Knowing how much has been sacrificed by so few,
that so many of us can enjoy the bounty.

Today, while home, my thoughts still turn to those who passed before.

Its been said that a Veteran is someone who has written a blank check...
payable to the United States of America in any amount up to including my life.

As we pass about in our day to day life...
Upset over some minor mishaps

Or upset about the tax check we might have to write to Uncle Sam...

Think about the hundreds of thousands who willingly have written
the ultimate check.

There are hundreds of US Military Cemeteries all over this country and
in foreign lands.

Today I leave you with the US Military Cemetery at
Omaha Beach - Normandy France.


  1. Moving, powerful, and makes me take time to appreciate those that make our current life possible! Thank you for thus post!

  2. I am grateful and proud to have three generations in my immediate family who served in the Navy, during WWII, Vietnam and in peace. Thanks, Greg, for sharing these photos!

  3. What a nice post and so fitting to remember and appreciate the ultimate sacrifice some have made so the rest of us are able to enjoy our freedoms! T

  4. Amen to that. Thank God for our Vets. Where would we be without them!!Jennifer


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