Saturday, June 13, 2015

Return to the HomeZone

It always seems that when we get home I never make a last post and leave you 
hanging somewhere along the way.

Not so this time.

We left Lake George and pointed the bus southward.
Our destination for the day was Kiptopeke State Park on the shore
of Chesapeake Bay.

It was a 10hr drive which was rewarded upon our arrival by an almost
empty campground and a nice sea breeze blowing.

The sites were 50amp and water.

A short walk from the campground is the bay with a fishing pier and swim beach.

The Park is just a few miles north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel which
we will cross tomorrow morning.  You can see the bridge in the distance.

The full moon rose over the beach while we strolled about.

They have these cement breakwaters.   
I think they are old ships that were filled
with cement and sunk there.

The next morning we headed across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.
It is 23 miles long and cost $31 for the bus and toad.

4hrs later we were home and time for work.
First on the list was musical vehicles.

I needed to move the boat to the other side of the driveway so that I could put
the bus where I had the boat parked.

The boat was going here next to the stairs.

When the music stopped...  
All the toys and vehicles were in their proper spots.

The Doodles became reacquainted with their grazing grounds.

A few days after we arrived our sailboat buds Hayden & Radeen came thru
town on their way back home from the Bahamas.

Their visit is a twice a year ritual.
Since we live on the Intracoastal Waterway, they pass by as they head north
and south with the rest of the waterborne snowbirds.

Their sailboat is the same make and size as ours was, so it fits in
our slip out back just perfectly.

They are the waterborne equivalent of Kate and I.

While we spend months in the land yacht touring about, they are doing the same on
their sailboat - abeit on a liquid basis.

Our mission is to introduce them to, and then spend some time RV'ing with them in the future.
 So while they visited this time we held our first class: 

"RV 101...   Introduction to Happy Hour."

We had a happy hour in the Party Bus.

Accompanied by the Doodles of course.

Gracie give Hayden some "Doodle Love"

Then Happy hour on the back porch.

Notice Gracie in Haydens Lap.

Last night Hayden & Radeen treated us to a wonderful dinner downtown
and then we returned to the house for some final DoodleLove

The Gang

Our visits together are always too short but they are on a mission to get home so this
morning our friends were gone from our slip before I even woke up.

Meanwhile, we still have plenty to do.

We've emptied out the contents of two RV's from the bus and now have to sort
thru everything, get consolidated and discard the extra stuff, and then
repack the bus for our next adventure...  wherever that might be.

The lawn has been mowed, batteries charged and vehicles/boats started and serviced.

Meanwhile Maxine and Ron are headed this way and we will see
them at the house in a couple of weeks.

In the last 14 months we have traveled over 45,000 miles.
We've been to Alaska and Europe and places in between.

Hopefully we are just getting started.

See you down the road.