Sunday, October 14, 2012

Odds N Ends

Last week we were treated to a visit by our Sailing Buds
Hayden & Radeen.

Passing thru on their 35' Island Packet "Island Spirit" they
always try to make a stop at the Beaufort Wayward Sailors Rest Home
and we are always glad that they do.

Of course Gracie always finds a comfortable lap to place herself

On Sunday we took the new little boat out for a tour of the local waters.
Since ei' Lean was pretty much the same boat as Island Spirit we
showed them some of the places that they could travel, where the water 
was deep enough and that they could enjoy and spend time when
passing thru on future visits.

The Ladies took to the bow and enjoyed the great sunshine.
Upon looking at the pictures I noticed a spot in the middle -  thought it was
just some dirt  -but unfortunately the lens somehow got scratched so
we had to buy a new camera...  Fortunately it was the point and shoot
and not my DSLR.

Later in the week after our guests had resumed their voyage South, Kate and I
needed to take the RV in for some warranty service.

It was a 5 hr round trip to the service center.

It seems that one of the hydraulic pistons that extends and retracts one of the
slide-outs developed a leak.  I first noticed it when I saw our hydraulic fluid
reservoir had lost a fair amount of fluid.

You can see the oil and dirt around the piston.
The rubber seal around the center is deformed.

A closeup of the piston shows it more clearly

Any problem that is discovered in the driveway vs in the middle of
the desert is a good problem in my book.

Since the rig is still under warranty I decided to take it in for the repair rather
than fix it myself.

I've also got some strange wear patterns developing on some of my
trailer tires.  Could be an alignment or camber issue.

Since the tires I have on the trailer are extra-heavy duty and
an expensive upgrade this is something that I definitely want to
have fixed as well and I would not be able to perform a camber adjustment.

Turns out some others on my Montana Forum are having similar issues
so we are all discussing and following each others problem/resolution.

So we dropped her off...  Waved goodbye

And now we'll find out just how good their warranty and service promises are.