Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Fine Art of.......

How to pack 20 pounds of junk into a 5 pound box.

The day came to give back the Camper. We didn't want to, but keeping it would be a Felony and we didn't like the idea of turning into Bonnie & Clyde and living life on the run - so turn it in we did.

But first we had to empty all of the stuff that we packed into the Camper into the Van.

One of the laws of Nature is that the stuff you bring on vacation tends to expand in size. This expansion increases with time. I think the exact formula works out to be:

 EndJunk = OriginalJunk x (time x 1.5)

On the way down, we had our usual space behind the front seats reserved for the Doodle Playzone.

This photo - taken while packing for the return trip shows that the doodle Playzone has now expanded into Doodle Mountain.  Now they can look over my shoulder and be back seat drivers......  great!

Then came time to finesse the last articles in the back section.   Notice the fine technique.

There..  done. 

No wait a minute.  Do I see some space next to the cooler??

OK.  Done Now!

11 Short hours later we were back home dreaming & planning our next adventure.

Next Post....   A recap of the trip.


  1. Hmmmmm I'm thinking a new job idea. Remember John and Kate plus 8? Hmmmm Mabye the adventures of Greg and Kate plus doodles? Hmmmm I'll have to put some thought into this. Sounds like a new business idea! :-)

  2. Great trip, good stories, life is fantastic. The fun aspect of these blogs is the record of the adventure! That's why we do it. Thanks for sharing the is busy....we need to join u!


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