Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alcove Spring & Things that go bump in the Day

After almost a month on the trail traveling from places like Independence or St Joseph Missouri, the weary emigrants came upon a beautiful area in NW Kansas with a clear freshwater spring that bubbled out of the sheer rock face.  This spot became known as Alcove Springs.  The springs were mentioned in many diaries and is considered the foremost OT site in Kansas.  Many stayed for several days and allowed thier livestock to graze on the plentiful grass in the near by meadows.

The springs are found on the road less traveled.  With the wet roads today it made for a slippery drive to the springs down several miles of narrow winding muddy dirt roads.
Once there I had the great experience to view a rock with the carving  "JF Reed 26 May 1846"  What Mr Reed did not know on that warm day in May 1846, was that just 5 months later his family would become stranded in the high Sierra's and fighting for their lives as part of the Donner Party.

What I didn't know on that warm day in Sept 2010 was that I was going to fall on some slippery boards knock the wind out of me and pull just about every muscle in my back.  Oh well.. just some of the hazards of life on the trail.  Hopefully tomorrow I can walk.

After Alcove springs we drove thru Kansas & into Nebraska and are now situated at Ft Kearney State Rec Area.  Tomorrow we will visit Ft. Kearney which was built in the 1800's to help protect travelers on the trail and quiet down the indian uprisings that were sporadically taking place.

After that we will continue to head west thru Nebraska and really start to hit alot of trail sites in the western end of the state.

Todays mileage about 350

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