Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Devils Tower to Black Hills

Our campground at Devils Tower had many deer that wandered around - only slightly afraid of us.  Very Cool!

Such a pretty view of the tower from our campsite.

Just one more great thing about that place.

After leaving the Campground, we went up the hill to the visitors center to get a better view of the tower.

On the way we met one more friend...  Remember "Caddyshack"?

There were some climbers going up the rock.   Long way down.  Better hold on tight.  This shot was taken with my telephoto lens....  They were about 600 feet or so up the rock.  You could not even see them with your naked eye.

A little closer to Mother Earth...

And finally our last stop of the day

On the suggestion of our Swiss friends we stopped for an ice cream...  YUM!

Last - I guess this just about says it all:

We are now camped for the next 2 days in Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

More tomorrow.  It's time for a Cocktail.

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