Monday, September 20, 2010

Custer Battlefield - Little Bighorn

Our next stop was Custer Battlefield.

Unfortunately we were not able to devote the time here that it requires, and it was rather crowded, but we still enjoyed our visit and did learn some interesting things.

The battle drew out along about a 5 mile stretch of ridge and river, culminating in the last soldiers and Gen Custers death on Last Stand Ridge.  Over 200 soldiers died that day, but about 40 died on last stand ridge with Gen Custer.

This plaque explains the monument and tombstones on last stand ridge.

The stone with the black face is Gen Custers.

A wider shot of the stones on Last Stand Hill and the valley below
The action that day played out from here down towards the trees which is where the Little Bighorn River is located, and off to the left (out of the picture) where the ridge extends about 5 miles further east.

A view looking up the hill

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