Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little Motorhouse on the Prairie

Tonight Maw and I are camped on the Charles Ingall homestead.  This the the real homestead where most of the stories from the Little House on the Prairie series took place.

Its been a rainy windy travel day, and when we arrived we were the only ones here.  The lady running the place gave us the keys to a golf cart to tour the homestead and now we are camped here.  Its a windy evening and we have the place to ourselves.  It's really a hoot.

The windmill and pump outside of the Ingall House

Inside the Ingall house

Paw tasting some of Maws Possum Stew.

Kate mending on Maw Ingalls Sewing Machine

Maw & Paws Bedroom

The girls bedroom

Where we are parked for the night

The teacher heads into the old schoolhouse

The teacher lectures on US History

The class dummie raises his hand

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