Friday, September 24, 2010

Is Anyone Out There?

Kate & I are wondering if anyone is reading the blog?

In 3 weeks there have been only two comments posted...

Do you like it?  Do you hate it?  Do you want more pictures of people, dogs, or less of me???

It's a lot of work doing this blog.  Reading it is not free.   You have to put some money in the meter.  And the currency to go in the meter is simply a comment once in a while.

That way we know that you are out there and our work does not fall on deaf ears.

When we were in Europe we were getting many comments each day.    Huh???

Lets hear something from the fans of Team ei' Lean.

The Editor

PS  In case you don't know - you post comments at the bottom of each blog where it currently says "0 Comments"  (maybe soon it will say "1 comment" or even "2 comments"

Click on that and a comment window opens.  You then tell us how much you love our blog and make our day.   Come on people - make my day.


  1. Gruezi from the suisse-company,
    we love your blog and we read it everyday several times.Honest.
    Sorry Greg,it took a while if I found it,where to wtite a comment.
    You know I'm over 40 and not blond...
    We hope you enyoied the traffic jam with all the wildlife on the wildlife loop...ha,ha... We were soooooo jaelouse.
    Tommorrow we drive here from Cody to the Yellowstone, we take the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway to the noth-east entrance.
    We miss you and Francesca said several times, when it's possible to meet you again and I hope it's as soon as possible.
    In the next mail we send you some photos from our coffee morning.
    I try to get the green beans...
    It's dark outside and Marcel is snoring beside me.
    Lots kisses and lots of love, take care
    Michaela,Marcel and kids

  2. You guys are the best! We excuse you from comments since we know you are traveling and its hard to find wifi. :-)

  3. Keep the stories coming! I for one am a little sad to see the trip come to an end! :-( I've been enjoying reading and seeing the pics. I will say that I posted a few times and then somehow missed that you also have to verify at the end which I just discovered the last time I posted a comment so even though I thought I was posting away....I wasn't. But it's not that the thought was not there! I will be better from now on! :-) T

  4. Woof woof groowwwllll woof...

  5. All right... what's going on... we need more updates! :-)

  6. great trip! I enjoyed each mile! dori

  7. We've been following you! We loved your visit with us. It was just too short!! Come again and stay longer! What's two more dogs with all our gang! We loved meeting Kate in person.
    Apollo says hi and that he misses Kate!
    Ron and LaNese
    Quad City Labradoodles


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