Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kentucky Lake - Night 2

We picked up the RV at 10am.  By the time I got done with orientation, then transferred all of the stuff from the van to the RV,  then headed off to Walmart for groceries, it was almost 3:30pm.

Then 5 hours West & North thru Alabama, Tenn, and into Kentucky - we arrived at Kentucky Lake State Park just as dark started to settle in.  Kate had some frozen sauce in the fridge so we fired up the microwave to defrost it and by 8pm we sat down to some of Mama Mia's finest.

We didn't get any pictures of that campsite - I promise that wont happen again.  We are still trying to get our system down, get better organized, cabinets packed and so on.

The RV going down the road rattles quite a bit when it hits bumps... Perfectly normal. The dishes clink and so on.  The noise at first has been freaking out the doodles a bit but they are slowly getting acclimated.

We purchased a queen size memory foam mattress topper for the forward berth on ei' Lean, and so we pulled it to use in the RV....  Let me tell you - our sleep last night was unbelievable.   The bed feels better than our bed at home.  Only problem is a queen size bed, and us and the doodles can get a bit tight.

The RV is great.  Its a 2011 with 4,000 miles on it.  Still has new car smell.  If we eat some beans and dogs I'm sure that Kate will correct that.

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