Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life on the Trail - The Road gets rough

This morning we hitched up the doggies and headed back out on the dusty trail.

Our first stop was California Hill.  This was the first real challenge for the westbound pioneers.  After fording the South Platte River, they had to climb up onto a plateau between the South and North Platte Rivers.

Later they would have an even greater challenge descending from this plateau into the North Platte River Valley into Ash Hollow, from where they would continue their journey westward along the North Platte River Valley.

As we began our ascent up California hill, our first indication of trouble was the sign on the dirt road that said "Minimal Maintenance"  We soon learned what that meant when we hit the first of several washed out road sections.   While negotiating these portions of the trail, the RV swinging wildly from side to side, soon cabinets started opening and Ma's prize dish ware (unbreakable Corel) started flying about - and breaking everywhere in thousands of pieces.

Further up the trail, we found the exact spot where the oregon trail climbed the hill - it is right behind the back of the RV.  

We stopped here to clean up broken glass, and soothe the shattered nerves of the doggies.   Seems like they finally had gotten used to the life on the trail, and then we had dishes flying & breaking all over the place.  In one instant Lucy had jumped up into my lap while I was driving.  The poor doodle was frightened to death.  It took several days to where they were finally getting used to life as a pioneer Doodle and this just set them back days!!   Oh well.  No one said life on the trail was going to be a cakewalk.

Greg Kerlin
s/v ei' Lean
Beaufort, NC

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