Monday, September 20, 2010

Life in the Bighorns.

Last night we found another diamond in our Campground search.  Of everywhere we have stayed so far, there has only been one that we would rate less than excellent.

This campground  Sibley Lake, once again was a quiet retreat in the Lodgepole Pines, a gentle breeze ushered the fresh air and pine scents throughout our RV.

A Cool night meant good sleeping and in the morning, while taking our usual just after sunup walk with the Doodles, we were greeted by 4 Deer no more than 25' away.  We just stood there for a while watching each other, then as we continued our walk they simply walked away thru the woods.

What a way to start the morning.

We then headed out to first visit the Custer National Battlefield at the Little Big Horn, then drove a few more hours east to our camp for tonight at the Base of Devils Tower where we hope to make some close encounters.  More on both of those in an upcoming installment.

The drive out of the Bighorns leads one down an 11 mile stretch of 8% grades and endless switchbacks where you drop out of the high country.  Some of the haze from the Yellowstone fires is still evident.

The lands below in this picture are where we are headed.

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