Monday, September 6, 2010

On the road again

OK.  First I know that you are gonna say "HEY - WHERE'S THE PICTURES?"

Well sorry but there are none for this post.  We left this morning and arrived here in Oxford, Al to spend the night prior to picking up the RV tomorrow.  Because the van is filled to the roof, and the camera gear is buried somewhere within, we are just going to have to do tonights blog like they I imagine they did in the Little House on the Prairie Days......   WITHOUT DIGITAL IMAGING.

It was a 95 degree ride - a cooler filled with frozen meats and dry ice, and me nervous about CO2 sublimation rates, how much CO2 gets thrown off per hour??   Better keep a window open....   Are the doodles still breathing back there??

Well now we 4 are at the hotel  (actually Kate is across the street fetching some Vittles)  Smokeys Barbeque.  YUM  Never had it but the menu looked good.

I better stop now so that I can clear off the desk for dinner.   Tomorrow we'll have pictures  (If I have a signal)  till then...  gotta go.

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