Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beyond the Frontier

Keeping with our Oregon Trail theme - we have now passed from the US into Indian Territory and begun our westward emigration.

We are spending tonight at Perry Lake State Park in Kansas.  We have a great view of the lake and a nice breeze.  The A/C is off and we have the windows open.   Its the first truly comfortable outside weather that we have experienced in months.   Tomorrow we start the hitting the first of many trail sites.  

This is our nights resting place in Kansas.

Today our drive took us 500 miles from Kentucky, thru Illinois, Missouri, and into Eastern Kansas.  This is one of the sights along the way.  The St. Louis Arch is meant to symbolize the fact that St. Louis was considered a gateway to the west.

And of course - this is my view thru the rear view mirror

Our trip so far has been 600 miles monday - 280 miles tuesday, and 500 miles today.  Tomorrow we slow down and start to smell the roses....  or trail ruts.  We are also going to stop at Cabella's in Kearney Nebraska...  One of the Mecca's of outdoor stores.

Tomorrow nights accommodations will be somewhere along the South Platte River in Indian Territory.  Time to circle the wagons.

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  1. Can't get Willie Nelson's tune out of my head since talking to you and Kate this morning.... On the Road Again.........

    The RV looks great... great way to travel isn't it. I'm so jealous!

    After you circle the wagons you can sit around the campfire singing "Get Along Little Doggies."

    Have fun!


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