Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Desert Bar

Today - Saturday was our 6th day here at Fort Montana.

It's really inconceivable to think that we've already been here almost a week
as the time has just flown by.

Todays activity was a trip to the Desert Bar just outside
of Parker, AZ.  (Google it)

But first before one can play - there is work to be done.

One of the Guys here (sorry I forget the name) is kind enough
to move his truck with trailer into the Parade Grounds and
everyone who has garbage brings it out and fills up the trailer.

"Bring out your waste...
Bring out your waste...!

He then hauls it to the refuse collection center.

After the garbage run, a line of trucks began to form in the
center of the circle...  It was everyone who planed on making the
hour long trip to The Desert Bar.

I think there was about a dozen trucks...  we were number 3 in the Caravan.

The trip involves about 30 miles on paved highway north to Parker, AZ,
then another 7 miles on a rough dirt road into the mountains.

If you look into the distance you can see our caravan stretched out for a mile or so.

We wound our way for 7 miles over the dusty bumpy road
in search of Beer & Burgers.

Soon we rounded the last bend, negotiated a narrow cut in the rock and
Nirvana was at hand!

The Bar is an old mine that has been converted into this odd oasis in
the middle of nowhere, complete with Live Music.

To get to the bar you must cross this bridge.

And before we did that we stopped for todays self portrait in the parking lot.
Our friend John made the trip with us.

The bar is only open part of the year - and only on weekends.
They have great sandwiches, cooked on outside charcoal grills.
We had burgers & fries washed down with cold beers.

This is our lunch table...  look at those faces....
what were they discussing?

The bar a multi leveled eclectic collection of buildings.

Kate found a dance partner and did her Mrs. Robinson routine...

Soon the day had progressed far enough that it was time to head back to
Montanaville as Happy Hour was looming.

We hurried back just in time to prepare our libations and take up our
places around the warm campfire as the days light began to wane.

The front of this shirt reads...
People Eating Tasty Animals..

I enjoy a tasty animal myself from time to time.

The ever present hang gliders cut thru the quickly darkening skies.

And once again we were treated to another fantastic Arizona Sunset.

Finally with the days light gone we had the warmth of the campfire,
the light of the moon, and good laughs with new friends under
the star filled skies.

We also had some "Apple Pie" a new drink that tastes like Apple Pie,
but I suspect also contains a secret ingredient used to power
the Saturn V Rockets to the moon.

Soon it was once again time for Kate & I to retreat to the comfort of our traveling
home on wheels and prepare for another day ahead and the adventures
that day will bring.

Tomorrow I think we will make the pilgrimage to the Big RV show.

Sadly some of our new friends are now at a point where they are beginning to
move on and Fort Montana is now at a point where it is slowly starting to
shrink in size - however so slightly.
Don't despair however as there are still a couple of days
left to the official rally and some folks such as us will be staying on after the end.

Last but not least...
We have 3 new email subscribers to the blog tonight.
Welcome aboard.  We hope you enjoy following along.

See you tomorrow.


  1. How were the burgers and what kind of beer? We're looking forward to 2 for 1 Pizza at a great place called Al Porto - chance for a great burger out here is pretty slim.

    1. The burger was excellent.... but then again you have to remember that I've lost 40 lbs and have been a meat starved, tofu eating, veggie stir frying, healthy eating manaic so I think SOS or a plate of roadkill would have been a delight.

      Not sure what the selection was in the Brewski dept as Kate went and did the honors and came back with a bud light.

      I saw regular Coors and didn't recall seeing others but wasn't looking. Knowing where it was and what it must take to
      get the supplies out there (they were out of their signature Tri-Tip for the sandwiches- I'm sure the selection is limited.

    2. Oh - and I know what you mean about being in the Great Caribbean Burger Desert.

      All the good burger joints in that region were sucked into the Bermuda Triangle when the continents split apart.

  2. It was a great trip, good food and more fun with friends. Thanks for letting me ride along.

  3. I think that beats any Chicago burger joint- for ambiance anyway! The bridge reminds me of the covered bridges in Vermont!


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