Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Up early as usual, first I caught the sunrise

Then the moon sitting over our encampment

Looks like our little group is hitting its stride.

After a decent sunrise, we all hit the trail for an 0800 walk
around the area.

This LTVA is quite different from Quartzsite.

While up at Q the land was pretty flat with small washes in-between,
and the flat land was covered with small inch size rocks...
here we are up on a plateau and all around us are deep  impassable ravines.

The ground is covered by much larger rocks than at Q.

Over the years, these rocks have been cleared by previous campers
in order to provide a clear area over which to drive and park heavy trailers.
The rocks have been arranged around the hundreds of "campsites"
forming little "yards" of various sizes.

Rocks have also been arranged around vegetation and some have even
been arranged to form various shapes.

Everywhere you look rocks have been moved, stacked, lined up, and rearranged.

This mornings walk was the scene of todays self portrait.

Meanwhile Christy had given Kate a hummingbird feeder.
She hung it up this morning.

Its quite amazing - but this barren desert is a virtual Hummingbird Paradise.
I don't yet know why, but the little winged critters are everywhere.
Hang a feeder and they will come.

This guy kept visiting me today while I worked by the window.
Spreadsheets, Sunshine, & Hummingbirds.
A winning combination.

Meanwhile - we've noticed these little tethered blimps off in the distance over the
Yuma Proving Grounds.
Our assumption has been they are involved with Immigration and border control.
Tonight I googled them and it seems that they hold low altitude surveillance radar
that is used to watch for low flying drug aircraft.
This blip is probably 5 miles away and a couple thousand feet in altitude.
Its interesting to watch as the sunlight changes, the white blip changes color.

Meanwhile, in camp we too were under a different type of surveillance while
having dinner.

As the sun dipped lower in the sky, the eastern mountains
light up with the fire of the dwindling day.

Soon the light disappears and night envelopes us once again.


  1. Fantastic story telling and progression. Hummingbirds? That's crazy. It all looks great. Wonderful life. Thanks for sharing the adventures.

  2. the blip looks like a tethered radar blimp. When we lived in Sierra Vista we had one installed about 1/4 mile from a lot we owned - quite an eyesore! Can you get a closer look at it with binoculars etc?

  3. Bobby,

    Yes I can see it real well with the bino's.

    Looks just like the radar blimp in Wikipedia.

  4. Hello Greg and Katie,

    It looks like the weather is doing you both good!! Lee said to say Hi and take a visit over to the proving grounds. The Arsenal does some testing over there. He didn't like going there as it was always in the summer and 110 degrees!
    Safe Travels

  5. Hey Jen,

    Tell Lee we've been thinking of him out here.

    I tell everyone "see those cannons? Our friend designed them!"

  6. Love the lighting in that last photo! The gloaming.


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