Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just another sunrise

I'm playing around with Photoshop trying to learn how
to make panoramas.

This is one of my first.
Photoshop wouldn't stitch them together automatically - 
I think I didn't have enough overlap for it to match up - so
I had to do it myself and it gave me a small workspace so I couldn't see
the detail in order to match it better...

But here's this morning none the less.

Meanwhile Kate & the Doods are snug in bed.
Kate is viewing the sunrise right out the bedroom window.

La Luna Bella!

While running around in the dark - its important not to bump into
(or kneel on) a Cholla Cactus.

After my early morning photoshoot & blog composition,
I cooked up a breakfast of Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
and turkey bacon strips...

That got my girls out of bed!


  1. Beautiful shots! Have you tried the panoramic on your i phone? It's pretty darn good!

  2. no I didn't know it could do that... I'll check it out - thanks!

  3. Your photos have me humming "Oh, beautiful for spacious skies...." keep up the great work. Lucky lovely to wake up with that view!


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