Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quartzsite - Day 6

Its Saturday and hard to believe that we are on
our 6th day here in Montanaville.

Before I go into the doin's let me first say that I am pleased as punch
in the performance of our solar panels and other electrical upgrades
that I made this past summer and fall.

We have been producing all the power that we need by the sun and
I have not had to run the generator even once!

We have all the comforts of home...
TV, Satellite Dish, Coffee Maker, office equipment, Computers,
Routers, phones, refrigeration, etc etc....   All powered by the sun.

We use our 4 deep cycle batteries (a total of 480 Amp Hrs at 12v)
to power our DC loads, and also have an inverter that produces
pure sine wave AC power at 120 volts to power our AC loads.

The solar panels recharge the batteries completing the circle.

If I've said this all before...  sorry but I'm going senile.

Todays main event was the potluck dinner.
This event was held at 1pm making it more like a brunch.

With so many rigs in attendance from all over the US & Canada
not only was the food plentiful, but the variety was amazing.

There were 4 serving lines on two rows of tables.
What a delicious day to spend the afternoon!

Did I mention that Kate was one of the first thru the line?

After lunch a group photo was taken.
Can you find Me & Kate?

After the photo op - we had a comprehensive demonstration of fire fighting techniques
for RV's.   RV's present some unique firefighting challenges.

The emphasis was not only on fire prevention and fire fighting,
but also in preparedness and evacuation in emergencies.

When the time came to demonstrate the fire fighting techniques,
several volunteers were called from the crowd, and Kate was one of them. 

A number of different scenarios were created including a grease kitchen fire,
and general wall fire, and the ladies were to respond with the proper extinguishing
agents to put out the fire.

Here Kate attacks a stove top fire.

A number of different agents were used.
Here Maixine fights the fire with dry chemical

Here Kate attacks the fire with foam. 

In addition to teaching us the pros and cons of the different agents,
it was also good experience for the participants who have never had to put out
a fire with an extinguisher before.
I was glad that Kate was one of the "fire babes"


The view of the circle from the air is a topic that was mentioned by faithful blog
follower Amber...   Well Amber - that picture is on the way as well.

One of our friends from Ft Montana was fortunate enough to be asked to fly
along in the Ultralight Aircraft and take pictures of the Circling of the Wagons.

Here they come!

You go girl!
Snap those photos...
Just be sure to get me some shots!

I can share the sentiments of this flag

Soon the day was coming to an end an another evening campfire 
warmed the cool night.

Another beautiful sunset put a final bookend on another great day!

The Desert Bar.


  1. Kate is having toooo much fun and I know you are as well. Thus fort Montana group sounds large and the fort camp sounds entertaining. You should give a seminar on solar!

  2. Sounds like this event was well-planned. Love the ultralight! Margie

  3. Wow!Looks like you guys are having so much fun! Makes me want to join you!

  4. All right .... a Where's Waldo game!

    Looks to me like you are about a row and half and just to the left of the lady in the red blouse and the black arm sling, with Kate slightly in front and to the left of you. I cheated and zoomed in, and also seeing what Kate was wearing in the other photos helped. This reminded me of looking for the Hamburglar on the McDonald's paper place mats!

    Thanks for taking the time to post the going on's in Quartzsite area and adding those great photos. I did make it there very briefly Friday for the showing of the new Montana's and should be back in Quartzsite for a few days this coming week.

    Bruce H.

  5. I can't believe you guys - you are learning alot, seeing alot, and now Kate's not only helping you with work Greg - she's giving dance lessons. You sure do look like you are having alot of fun. Thanks for sharing! Next time I think you should bring the office along. Kathy

  6. Go Fire Fighter Kate!
    xxoo Rose


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