Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday in the Park

After our beautiful sunrise and delicious
Pancake Breakfast prepared by yours truly,
we hit the trail again and went into Fountain Hills to
do a little more exploring.

I found a trail that leaves fountain park (this time I had the small camera)
and climbs a small 300' hill providing a nice view of the park and 
surrounding town.

At the top I stood on the trail, snapping photos as I turned 360 degrees,
and before I started this blog I stitched them all together into one
panaroma.  Below is the result.

Along the way I was taunted by dozens of Road Runners...
I kid you not - the Doodles were flushing them out like the awesome
bird dogs that they are...

As quick as I would lift that little camera and try to see the image in
the lcd viewfinder, the little buggers would disappear into the brush.

This went on and on....
The end result was a ton of blurry pictures of branches but sadly....
No Birds.

We did see this red crested cactus eater along the way however.

Further down the trail I was able to spot our campground - about 7 miles distant.
After I got back I was able to enlarge the photo and pick out our home
so I've marked it on the photo.

Eventually we made the full circuit and arrived back down in the park.
Here is the fountain blowing its top.

Our daily self portrait.
(we should have picked up the doodles and included them...  bad parents!)

Here are some of the homes overlooking the park.
Condos (on left w/orange trim) 
and Homes (on right further up the hill)

After a few circuits of the lake we had a good 5 miles on the Doodle Paws
and it was time to take them home.

The past several days they have put on about 15 miles or so...
They are sleeping like logs as I write.


  1. Love the photos and keeping up with y'all. Sarah

  2. Still off Le Marin Martinique, just got WiFi access again so responded to your email.

    Do the doods have any toenails left after all the walking??

  3. It's funny that you mention the toenails Bobby. Every time I walk their little tails off I think "ok - this might give me a few days extra this month were I don't have to clip them."

    Have a Goats do Roam and baguette for me.

  4. I believe your red crested cactus eater is a male Gila Woodpecker.

    That is a very nice shot, thanks for posting. They are very spooky and do not stay in one spot for long. They always seem to put something between me and them whenever I try to look at them.

    Another bird out here that looks similar at that angle is a Gilded Flicker.

    Bruce H.


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