Thursday, January 10, 2013


Our days here in the South West have settled into a certain rhythm.

Each day activities...  my work.... our leisure pursuits...  
various tasks we need to attend to...
they might change a bit from day to day
but the one thing that seems to be a constant are the bookends.

The Sunrise & The Sunsets.

Each day is different.  Some are merely beautiful,
While some are spectacular!

This morning was one of the Spectacular

I was sitting in the living room in the dark working on the computer
as I do each morning.  Although I usually keep glancing out the
windows to watch the days light develop - this morning I was engrossed
in my work till Kate called to me from bed remarking how beautiful the light was.

Of course I had to take a break for a few minutes to savor
 the first of the days bookends.

Later, we packed up camp and moved about 30 miles to our home for
the next 5 days - Cave Creek Park in the Northeast Phoenix Metro.

A bit of weather is coming thru tonight and the temps are supposed to drop into
the 20's at night with some rain and snow so I've prepared for cold weather operations
by leaving our water lines and filters stored and we'll be running off of our
water tank till it warms up again.

We were here at Cave Creek May 18 & 19 of this year and enjoyed it
although the heat of summer was upon us so I promised that we would
return in the winter to see what it was like then.

So here we are....
Our new backyard.

As the light of day dwindles, the sun and clouds have been fighting
for dominance and the result has been constantly changing light and colors.

Finally the day surrendered and the day gave way to night.

Our other bookend for the day.

Tomorrow and this weekend I've planned 
the following on the agenda:

Trips to 2 Farmers Markets
A visit to the Pie Mecca of the Southwest for pie.
(google the Rock Springs Cafe & browse the Pie Selection)
A trip to Prescott and Snow Country.
A visit to Bryans Black Mountain Barbecue for.....  Yup Barbecue.
A return to El Encanto for Mexican...  we were there last May.

Should be a delicious couple of days!


  1. WOW, your sky photos and sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful. The mountains and the rig are my favorites here, it looks so cool and so vast. Great job, great photos. Thanks Greg and Kate.

  2. I was sorta wondering if the sunrise and sunset photos were reversed. We have nice sunsets in Deerfield shores, too, especially in the fall and winter...

  3. Beautiful photo's in todays blog! You are getting really good with that camera! Keep up the good work! T

  4. Beautiful photos! Enjoy the good eats!!!

  5. Nothing like the sky and the air in the Southwest. Keep the photos coming. I had a photo op this morning on the way past Mt Pelee - to tired to deal with the post and photos now but hopefully tomorrow. PS: My daughter lives in Cave Creek!


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