Saturday, January 12, 2013

Balloons, Broncos, and Pie

It's Playoff Saturday and my Broncos are in the playoffs so
the world must stop for a while.

The game came on at 2:30p and we had a bit of work to get done before then.

So first - we began our day with temps in the low 20's.

You might remember when we were here in May that
there were hot air balloons flying about each morning....
Well the past couple of mornings has been no different.

I could hear this guy working the burner as he settled in for a landing
about 1/4 from where I stood.

Soon the frost was melting off the pumpkin and it was time for some excercise.
So we took the Doods for a good 4 mile - 1hr walk to wear them out.

Then by 11am we were on the road heading about an hour North up I-17
To Black Canyon City, Az and The Rock Springs Cafe.

The RSC was recommended to us by Lindsay, our Arizona Tour Guru
as the place for Pie in this neck-o-the-woods.
Seems like folks drive quite a piece from over yonder to git a slice.

After our meal of Smoked Pork & Chicken last night we needed something sweet
to wash it down with today...  so we took the bait and made the trip.

The display case was filled with all sorts of treats..
Sticky buns, Cinnamon Rolls, and pies of every type.

But we were on a mission...
I had called ahead yesterday and ordered one of their signature
Jack Daniels Pecan Pies.

Before we picked up our pie, we had lunch in the Cafe and
washed that down with a shared slice of Chocolate Creme Pie.

Then we grabbed our Pie and got back in the truck and hit the road
back to the shack.

We got home early enough that I was able to spend an hour polishing
the wheels on the trailer to a high shine, and apply a UV dressing to
the tires to protect them from sun damage.

Now I'm sitting in the warmth of the coach watching the Broncos vs
the Ravens Playoff Game..

Did I mention

Go Broncos!!

First we'll take our Pie, cut it up and freeze half...

Then Kate and I will engage in a nasty knockdown
drag out fight over how the remaining half gets divided and who
gets the biggest piece.

I've seen countries get partitioned with less trouble.


  1. I am on my way for pie. That is one of our favorites. Make sure the Doods dont get into this!

  2. Better hurry. When Kate wakes up the battle might begin.

    The casualty??? Pie!

  3. Ummmm a pie shipped up north to us here in Albany sure would hit the spot....hint hint....

  4. That pie looks fabulous! All the more interesting because of your fun adventure to find The Rock Cafe and to select which pie. Sorry about the Broncos! Hope the weather warms up soon!


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