Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Circle Dwindles

Our group in the middle of the desert continues to shrink in size.

Yesterday we lost a bunch and some more this morning.

Here are a few leaving the circle.

If we had 70 rigs at the height - we've now got about 15 or so...

The tumbleweeds blow thru the lonely encampment which is now but a
shell of its former glory.

Us die-hards however should not to be written off too easily.
There is still some party left in us.
Tonight we still had our happy hour, and there were a dozen of us there,
 but with the wind blowing a bit we decided against a campfire and have now
retreated to our rigs for the night.

 Today Kate was back in town shopping and went to one of the
"Great" Quartzsite institutions, the bookstore - owned and operated
by the naked guy...   I kid you not.

I have some other photos but I dont want to lose my PG Rating.

I had to go get some water to fill up my potable water tank.

My rig holds about 60 gallons of fresh water.
I also have 3 waste tanks of about 45 gallons each...
A Black tank  (from the toilet)
and two "Grey Tanks"  one each from the kitchen and the shower/bathroom sink.

Our waste tanks we can manage over two weeks before needing to dump
but today we were getting close to empty on the water (after 11 days)

So less than 5 gallons per day usage on our fresh water... 
Think of it.
Washing, Drinking, Showers, Cooking etc...  Everything.
On less than 6 gallons per day.

I went to the "RV Pit Stop" in town to get water.
At the pit stop, you can fill tanks, dump tanks, get propane.

I got 40 gallons of filtered water to add to my almost empty tank.

I fill the water into a potable water bladder in the bed of my truck & when
I get back to camp, I transfer it via a 12v pump (on the ground) thru my double
filtration filters and water softener into the camper.

After I was done I turned on the water heater and had a nice warm Navy Shower.
It's the little things...
Life is good.


  1. Katie loves books...add in naked book sellers and I bet she bought a truck load :-). Hey, the water bladder is really a great idea! Nice work!

  2. I am impressed at your conservative water use! 60 gallons in 11 days - wow! As for the naked bookseller, the retired librarian says, "Whatever sells books works just fine for me!"

  3. You guys are too funny!

    Kate didn't buy any books but her partners in crime did.

    Radeen, Kate got a good laugh out of your comment.

  4. Hate I missed the naked guy! Lol such freedom he must have!


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