Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Old Tucson Film Studios

I said it was a busy day...
After the Desert Museum we headed over to the
Old Tucson Film Studios.

Built in 1938 by Columbia Pictures, Old Tucson has been the filming location of
dozens of Western Movies and TV Shows.

A very short list of the Films.

The Bells of St Marys
The Three Amigos
3:10 to Yuma
Rio Bravo
The Outlaw and Josy Wales
Dirty Dingus Magee
The Life & Times of Judge Roy Bean
The Cannonball Run
The Quick & The Dead
Little House on the Prairie TV Series

If you don't recognize several of those films....  you just don't watch enough Westerns!

Walking around felt like we were in the Old West.

The 3pm Stage Rolls into town...
I wonder who might be arriving.

After stealing a couple of Ponies...
The Sheriff rounded up Kate for Trial.

She was locked up awaiting trial.

The results for Kate were not good.

We were treated to a re-enactment of the Quick Draw Competition from the movie
The Quick and the Dead which starred Gene Hackman, Sharon Stone,
Russell Crowe, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

For those of you who have seen the movie:

Here first is the Scene of the shootout between The Lady ( Sharon Stone)
and Cort (Russell Crowe)

And Lady falls in the street...  or does she?

Later The Lady extracts her revenge.

And finally they take a bow!

The lanterns are hung in anticipation of nightfall.

Before night arrives however I must take the 4pm freight train up to Phoenix

And again...  another self portrait.

We had a lot of fun here.
What a great place.
Now we need to re-watch some of those westerns to see what we might recognize.

We have a DVD collection in the RV of around 400 titles including lots of Westerns,
so I'm sure we can find a few that were shot here.

Well this concluded our whirlwind New Years Day.
I hope that yours was as enjoyable as ours.


  1. Now that looks like it was A LOT of fun! T

  2. I read your "tales" of adventure every day. Thanks for sharing! Cathy Andrews

  3. The most fun was locking that bad Horse Thief in the Pokey.

  4. My poor Katie- why didn't you rescue her? Looks like it was a good time! Love you two- xoxo Mary

  5. You have worn me completely out just thinking about doing all of that touring in one day! This last one looked really fun. Glad they finally released Kate!! Margie :o)


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