Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Imperial Dam LTVA

After 3 days washing the dust off of us and our equipment
we've moved back to the desert.

An exhausting 30 minute drive brought us to the
Imperial Dam LTVA
(Long-Term Visitors Area)

This area - on BLM Land - immediately adjacent to the Yuma Proving Grounds,
 is approximately 3,500 acres in size
and like the larger areas up in Quartzsite has been set aside for long-term
RV camping at low cost.

Our 2 week pass was $40 but you can also purchase an 8 month pass
for $140.

For that fee there is a dump station, trash dumpsters and potable water
stations...   add to that the endless night sky, super quiet evenings,
Coyotes and Wild Burros and you can call it home away from home.

Starting the day - Kate and the ladies went for one last trip
to the Farmers Market and Kate took this self portrait.

When the ladies got back, we saddled up and 4 Montana's hit the road.

I took the lead since I knew where we where going to camp.
Soon we had staked out our little piece of dusty paradise.
In this photo I'm on the Left, John next.
Rob then Jim on the right.
John & I are positioned to best take advantage of the afternoon sun
for the solar panels.

Below - I'm on the right.

Here's one of the views from camp looking Southwest.

Soon it was once again time for Happy Hour.
We combined it with an alfresco outdoor dinner.

Notice the bowls that has the Pistaciaos, and Meatballs...
They are hand-made pottery by Christy.  Just beautiful!

Tonight we enjoyed Raspberry Chipolte Habenero Meatballs,
Garden Salad, Fried Cauliflower Patties,

Wild rice pilaf, Ham, Cream Cheese & Pickles.
Fresh Baguette with an assortment of gourmet infused olive oils.

Kate wasted no time digging in.

For desert - Fresh Strawberries, Vanilla ice cream topped with Kahlua.

Christy strikes a desert pose.

Of course, after dinner comes the inevitable sunset.

Just a while ago I went out to enjoy the stars...
Its dark, quiet, and beautiful out there.


  1. I was with you until the ICE CREAM.....errrrr....you know we can't keep ice cream on the boat. The freezer us not child enough. DARE YOU!!!

  2. I think you need to get a bigger freezer or a bigger boat! No Ice Cream?? Are you barbarians?


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