Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quartzsite - The final day

Today is Tuesday 1/22/12 and its the last official day of the Moc Rally.
Already some holes have appeared in the circle as rigs pull out to
continue their individual journeys.

That doesn't mean the fun ends however and many folks including us will
be staying over for various lengths of time.

So let me bring you up to date.

Last night marked a somber occasion...
Our new Friends - John, Kristy, Jim, Jen, & Cathy each have lost their spouses.

In remembrance of those dearly departed we lit a hot air ballon which had
been marked with messages from everyone, and set it aloft in the dark
sky over the Arizona Desert.

Kate left a message for her mom.

We held the balloon aloft while Kristy lit it...

I move it down the desert as it slowly gained lift...

And soon it lifted into the dark sky...
Climbing higher and higher...
Till it was just an orange spot in the distance.

Today I finally broke down and we drove into town to see the Big RV Show.
It is really a mixture of State Fair, Flea Market, and RV Show.

Kate peruses one of the hundreds of vendor stalls.

Any RV you could ever dream for is on sale here.

If you want solar installed, water softeners, window awnings,
new kitchens, flagpoles, RV Furniture etc etc...
You name it...  its on sale here.

There are acres of vendors outside and then there is the" Big Tent"
The big tent is the size of a football field with hundreds of vendors inside.
Inside "The Big Tent"

Back at Fort Montana I made one more acquaintance.

Those of you growing up in the 50's and 60's might remember the hit TV Show
The Adams Family.

If so - you might remember the lead character Gomez Adams
played by John Astin.

Well guess who is a MOC'er?

Kate and her new friends..

From left

Kristy, Pat, Maxine, Shelly, & Kate.

At this point I need to also mention that one of the ladies here - Olga - had
lost a butterfly broach pin.   Many people had spent several days scouring the parade
grounds including breaking out a high tech metal detector with no luck.

Today when Kate had heard about her loss she decided to go out and join the search.

First she said a prayer to Saint Jude.

Then she was outside only about 5 minutes kicking her feet thru the dust and rocks
and all of a sudden a shiny object appeared that Kate first thought was a piece of 
broken glass but upon closer inspection turned out to be the long lost missing butterfly.

That's my Katie!

Tonight we were treated to another fine Arizona Sunset!

Upon our return to the trailer however we were treated to the newest episode
of Girls gone Wild.

One of the Doodles - I suspect Lucy - decided to pull the entire roll of toilet paper
off of the roll, and make it into smaller pieces.

Girls just want to have fun!

So do we!


  1. You guys are having toooooo much fun. His cool to meet Gomez. I loved the Adams Family Show. Great job Katie on finding the butterfly, that is wonderful. This really sounds like a must attend event for campers. Very good reporting and blogging. Thank you !

  2. Enjoyed your stay in Quartzite right along with you! Thank You, Cheryl

  3. Greg, was that angel soft tp? It looks like the new and improved as it didn't disintegrate very well. Thanks for the great pictures of the balloon.


  4. Fun reading i enjoyed your trip from afar.

  5. Guess the doodles got board! Leave it to Kate for her prayer to be heard immediately! Love it :) I hope this comment shows up, the last 2 blogs I couldn't get one to post.....please st Jude! Until the next blog.....God Bless & safe travels



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