Saturday, January 5, 2013


Oh what a beautiful morning...
Oh what a beautiful day....

I just couldn't resist sharing some of these pictures with you.
They are hot off the press.

As I was making my coffee in the early morning twilight, I noticed some
color starting to appear in the eastern sky and thought
 that it might be a pretty sunrise.

Wanting to waste no opportunity I dashed out the door, lenses in hand
half dressed, stocking feet...   brrrrr   It was chilly.

Slowly the light - and colors increased.

The Saguaro are always a useful prop for effect.
This shot was just as the sun was rising above the horizon.

I liked the way the sunlight lit up the barbs

A new day is here.


  1. i'm glad you blew me out of bed to see the sunrise.......xxoo

  2. That is beeeee uuuuuuuu teeeeee ful

  3. First one was my favorite. We have a watercolor of the skyline near Pioche, NV that is the same shade of blue.

    Cathy Andrews

  4. My fav is...

    It us following the 1/3 rule and not centered. Great shot. I also like the glow around the cactus.

  5. My fav is the 5th picture, beautiful!!!! Kim

  6. I am torn between the first one ( since blue is my favorite color), which is really nice, and the last one with the sun on the cactus!! Margie :o)

  7. My favorite was the last photo if I really had to pick but I also really liked the first photo. T

  8. I applaud all of them- especially taken in stocking feet- you're going to catch a cold or step on a sidewinder- stay warm and be careful!

  9. They are all nice, but I think I will go for number 5 (second to last) as my favorite. Bruce H.


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