Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Sunrise

This morning, as always I was sitting in front of the large back window,
on the computer getting started on my days work.

I always open the shade so that I can see the eastern horizon and occasionally
keep scanning for any hints that the sunrise will be good.  If so,
I dash outside, camera in hand and try and find a good spot
to position myself.

This morning was no different but as I alternated between work and checking,
it started to seem that today would not be anything special.

Becoming engrossed in the calculation of managers production bonuses,
I lost track of time till Kate (once again to the rescue) called out from the bedroom...
"Holy cow - look at that sunrise"
she then resumed her snoring.

I ran out just in time to grab a few shots of this mornings fast changing,
and fleeting sunrise.

This one is from right behind my trailer looking across the remnants
of the circle.

Once I got out into the scrub I grabbed this unobstructed shot

This was just a couple of minutes after the previous photo.

You can see how quickly the shot changed this morning.

Once again proof... "you snooze you lose"

Lastly - walking back to camp I got down in a wash to shoot this final shot.

I've discussed the topography around here a bit and mentioned the washes,
but don't think I've ever included a photo of one.

This is a small one but you still can see how in between our wide expanses of sand
and stone are these little islands of life tenaciously clinging on in
the harsh conditions.

Another day has arrived.

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