Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quartzsite Day 4

It's now Thursday afternoon.
We arrived in Quartzsite on Monday evening.

Since then we've watched as an endless stream of RV's of all
shapes and sizes arrive and take up temporary residence in various
Nooks and Crannies throughout the nearby desert.

At the turn off from the pavement there used to be just our
Montana sign....

Now there are several nearby groups and countless individuals.

Mind you - this is just our tiny little spot of this
massive Tens of Thousands of Acres open to RV Wonderland.

Meanwhile at Fort Montana our group has swelled from about 20 or so when we
first arrived to (and I'm guessing) 60 or 70 rigs at present.

There are about 40 rigs arranged in two concentric circles
around the center social area
that forms the main Parade Ground of Fort Montana

A large Montana Dealer - Paul Everett RV has even dropped
off 6 brand new Montana's for us to have our own private RV Show.

(anyone need some spare parts?)

Each night around 430 the crowd swells for the start of Happy Hour.

Everyone brings a little snack plus the Libation of your choosing

Last night was still cool enough that a fire during happy hour was called for.

The sun sets as happy hour winds down.

Then its back to our Rig for a quick dinner before returning to
the circle for the nightly campfire.

Today the weather continued to warm.
After a cold - but not as cold - night
it was semi-short sleeve weather.
Tomorrow promises to be shorts and T-Shirts at last!

On Weds Kate went with a bunch of the ladies on a bead shopping expedition.
This was in preparation for todays Beading Lesson.
One of the big items made are lanyards for our name tags.
Our name tags have our name, home town, and MOC Screen Name
so that people on the forum can identify us.

Kate made lovely lanyards for both of us, and now has learned
a new skill.

Later we took the Doods for their afternoon walk.
Each day we do about 4 miles and visit the other groups and
campsites scattered about in the general vicinity.

Just to the east of Fort Montana are the Alpine Coach Owners Group.
They are a group of Class A (Bus like) RV's.

On Monday when Kate & I arrived they were not even here.
Now they are another small city - although no group is even close to
the size of Fort Montana.

We Rule the Desert!

Looking down the road between the coaches you can see the entry to
Fort Montana in the distance.

Many of you might picture the desert as a sandy area.
And - while that is often true - the desert - like people, come
in many different shapes and sizes.

Here I can best describe it as if mother nature bulldozed the earth flat,
then laid down some "crusher run" - small 1" sized gravel, then threw in
some odd assortments of various larger stone up to perhaps 8"
 then steam rolled it all flat.

Breaking up that flat expanse will be some "Washes" - areas
where during a heavy rain a temporary stream will run and errode a channel
leaving behind a sandy depression.

It is along these washes that the small bushes, 
creosote and mesquite trees grow... 
taking every opportunity to glean some water from the barren soil when
the conditions might allow.

It was along one of these washes - just to the West of Fort Montana
that we stopped for todays self portrait.

Tomorrow we will venture into town and check out some of the vendors
who have already set up in advance of Saturday's kick off
of the Main Event - The RV Show.


  1. That is so interesting and so massive! The place is packed with rigs and this has to be as good as the Miami Boat Show but with MORE SPACE. I enjoyed the description of the dessert and gravel, sounds rugged. I am interested in hearing how the solar is doing in this clear sunny sky. Next thing you know Kate will have a bead careful :-)

  2. Sounds like quite to hoedown! Knowing Kate, she was probably the one teaching everyone how to make those there lanyards! So jealous of the warm weather you're having! Have fun at the show!

    1. No.. Kate was learning this time. soon however I'm sure she have her own jewelry making enterprise going. Her mind is already turning with ideas!

  3. Do you see many rigs with wind power or is solar the major alternative energy source? We saw a Cat down in Roseau with 1.4kw of solar!

    1. No wind power Bobby. Not quite sure why other than needing a quick power disconnect so that you could take it down when traveling. We don't usually (and thankfully) have the steady winds like in the trades so I don't know how good the harvest would be but having one would still be useful in certain places and weather conditions.

  4. This place seems so cool! I would love to see a "birds eye view" of all the RV's. Sounds like Kate is making friends (as usual)! Bead making is right up her alley. Us guthries miss you guys but are glad to see you are having a great time. See ya soon!


    1. Ha - Funny you should mention the "Birds eye view".... you'll be getting your wish in a few days.

      Stay tuned.


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