Monday, January 21, 2013

Life in the Circle

Well Amber you asked for it....  and you were patient...

So here you go.

Here are the pictures of our circle in the desert.

In this photo we are at the 5:30 position in the photo with the yellow Triangle
shaped flag.   There is no one on our right side.

Here is a good overhead shot.
We are at the 10 o'clock position.
We have the black solar panels on the roof and no one to our left.
If you look closely you'll see the ladder in the back of the trailer
and I am on the roof taking photos of the hang glider taking these photos.
(Photos squared)

Our group includes all the outlying rigs below and above as well.

Where's Waldo?
I see our chairs all alone in the left center of the photo.
  One is brown.
Our rig is left with the ladder on the back.

This is a view of the nearby area...
RV's are scattered about everywhere.

This is only the tip of the iceberg and just a tiny little
fraction of the Rigs in the Area.

Sadly tomorrow is the last "Official" day of the rally.
Talk here has turned to who is going where... with whom...  and when.

Some folks are headed east - some west.
some are headed to Mexico and some Canada.

Some will leave tomorrow - some next week.
Some in groups and some solo.

The one thing that is certain is that as the ashes from the last campfire cool...
Our  little MOC family will scatter to all points of the compass 
and this little patch of sand, rock, and sky will slowly become quiet once again.  
It will be but a fond memory to all who were lucky
enough to call this place home for this short time.

The friendships made here however will be the part of this patch of
earth that remains with us throughout the year, and hopefully
call us back again.

As for our plans:

We will be here in Quartzsite till Saturday at which point we travel
90 miles south to Yuma and a commercial park for 2 nights so that I can give
Kate a good scrubbing.

Then we head back 25 miles north of Yuma to the Imperial Dam
BLM Long Term Area.

This is a picture of the general area that I obtained on the web.

We will again be boon docking there - living in the middle of the desert
and figure on staying a week or two or three.
After Quartzsite we'll be free range chickens and just go where
the feed is good.

After the imperial dam our general thoughts are to head over to Boreggo Springs
California (around Feb 10th or so) and boondock there for a while - hopefully catch up with some friends from the West Coast, then maybe around the 20th head over
to Bakersfield, Ca and the Orange Grove RV Park for a few days.

We stayed there two years ago on the way to Sequoia NP
and it is an RV park built in the middle of a Citrus Grove.
Since it's now Citrus Season - an you are allowed to pick fruit when you stay
there - Kate and I think the few hour trip is worth it for some great fresh fruit.
A trip to the San Joaquim Valley is always a good bet for great produce.

I'd also like to head up to Lone Pine, Ca and the Alabama Hills to
do some boon docking where many great westerns were filmed.
The weather this time of year can be iffy up there so we'd have to pick a good
window to make that trip.

So - Basically - I have a rough plan but nothing written in stone.
Lets see what tomorrow brings.


  1. A great blog. Makes me want to blog myself. Thanks Janet Newman

  2. Those aireal photos are really cool. The camp layout was well planned and organized. Thus makes me want to buy a Montana rig! Looks really fun. Congrats on the great adventures.

  3. What stunning photos and great description of life in the desert with your MOC family! We are glad you have had so much fun there and have other great places to look forward to! Blog on, boon-dockers!

  4. The GOLD Island Packet Flag really stands out! Very COOOOOL

  5. Greg - I am looking for an aerial photo of an RV circle at Quartzsite to use in an academic publication about neighborhoods. The ones you have posted on Google+ (and on this blog) would be ideal (I was referred to these by Grant Webb or BirdingRVers). Could you please contact me about this? I would need written permission from the owner of the photo.

    Thanks, Mike Smith (Arizona State University)

    ps - an old blog post of mine describes my interest in Quartzsite:

  6. Love the view! Thanks! I tried to leave a comment a few days ago & it wouldn't work. I'm ready for ya'lls next adventure! Enjoy the fresh fruit!



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