Saturday, January 26, 2013

Goodbye Quartzsite

It's Saturday Jan 26th and time to move on.

Our circle is down to about 12 rigs and a bunch of us are leaving today.
We are headed to Yuma where we have reservations in an RV Park
for a couple of days.
Rain has moved in (yes it rains sometimes in the desert).  It started
yesterday around 1600 and unfortunately rained out our last happy hour
and evening campfire, so everyone retreated to their campers and
watched out their back windows where the fire should have been.

Yesterday afternoon we took a short run up to Parker to visit with our
new friends Ron & Maxine at Buckskin Mtn State Park.
It's a beautiful park right on the Colorado River set in a 
picturesque canyon like setting with lots of green grass and trees.

After weeks in the desert it was a bit of a brain shock to be
amongst all the greenery.

This morning, after a full night of rain we woke up to a vastly different environment than to
the one which we had become accostomesd.

We had an inch of rain overnight.
The amazing thing was that as soon as some moisture hit the sand - some life
appeared in the rocky soil.

At 1000 4 Rigs left the dwindling MOC circle and headed 90 miles south
to Yuma, Arizona.

It was a foggy, rainy drive and just before Yuma we entered the produce farming
region that Yuma is noted for..
Soon we arrive at the Del Pueblo RV Park.
Here are 3 of us lined up for check in.
From right to left is Pat and Robs Rig,
Johns Rig,
And ours on the right.

Soon we were in our sites.
We spent the rest of Saturday afternoon getting caught up on tasks...
Washing clothes, Rigs, etc.
There was a ton on mud on the 5'vers and getting the rigs cleaned up
occupied the afternoon for them men.
Meanwhile the ladies headed off for the laundromat in
the RV park and washed the desert off of the clothes and bedding.

Soon after our tasks were done it was time to relax.
Here are all 4 of us on our spaces:
From right to left:
Our rig, John K, Pam and Rob, and Jim & Cristy on the left.

Soon as the day wound down, it was cocktail hour.
Here is the gang.
From left:
Rob, Pam, John, Cristy, Jim Kate, and yours truly.

After Hors d'oeuvres we enjoyed some pasta and Marinera prepared by Kate
and had some good laughs under the bright full moon.

Now night has settled in and we've retreated to our own rigs for the night.

Another great day has come to an end.

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  1. Looks like you are having a lot of fun! Glad to hear you made it out of Q and onto your next new adventure safely! Have fun! We miss everyone already!


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