Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ready or not.... Here we go again!

Well we're back on the road heading for the Rockies.

Here we are today ready to hit the dusty trail.

Before we left however we did have one pleasant diversion.

Yesterday we enjoyed a brief but real enjoyable visit from our Snowbird Sailboat Buddies 
Hayden, Raydeen, Eric and Pat.

They are on their way back North after spending 6 months cruising the East Coast, the Keys and Bahamas.
We are honored that they actually adjusted their schedule and hurried in order to make this visit before we departed on our trip.
You guys are the best!

We had a great dinner in Beaufort on the waterfront then enjoyed some bluegrass music along the docks.

Then this morning our buddies headed out to Cape Lookout for a quick visit
before they continue their trek north.

Today was our usual departure day run to Jordan Lake State Park by Raleigh.  It's an easy 3 hour run, gives us a chance to check for any issues before we get too far, and most importantly it gets us "away from the dock" and underway.

This is our home for tonight in Jordan Lake.

For the next 4 days we'll be "travel mode" moving the rig out to Phoenix Arizona where we pick up Kates brother Paul for a week.  Our plan overnight stops enroute are NashvilleTN, Ozark Ark, Amarillo Tx, Gallup NM, and Flagstaff, Az.

We will follow the same general route that we took last year taking I40 west.

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You can zoom in on the map... zoom out.  Click on street view etc.
You will also be able to click on the map pins and see a little bit more about the location and a picture.

The google map is a new addition that will help you correlate the blog with where in the world we actually are.   I hope you enjoy it!

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Ok that - that's enough instructions.

Pull up a chair - I promise that where we are going the scenery will be amazing!

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  1. Took me three clicks to figure out the map but I got it, maybe I need to learn to read a little better. That is a cool feature and will enjoy it. Kim


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