Monday, May 21, 2012

Odds N Ends

We are still in Show Low and will be for another day.
Today was a work day.
I have great broadband access here and it allows me to really get caught up on
some things that I had been needing to attend to.

The weather is so comfortable.  The low humidity means you can sit in the shade and be
totally comfortable.

Michelle asked why no picture of our airport pickup...

this one is for you Michelle.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport has a cell phone waiting lot.
You can sit there in your car watching a screen that shows all the arriving
flight status.  When your party is ready for curb side pickup they give you
a call and you are there 2 minutes later picking them up.

I tried to get some photos of yesterdays eclipse.
Since I didn't have any filters I had to just use a really high shutter speed.
The result shows the actual eclipse as a reflection above the blur of the sun.

Our last night in Phoenix we went out for dinner at this really fun Mexican Restaurant.

Sitting outside you are situated in this replica of a Mexican Village complete
with Palm Trees, a pond, Swans, and of course Mariachi Music.

The reviews said that if we visit Phoenix and don't eat here we haven't visited Phoenix.
We agree!

Lastly - some folks have asked how the Doods are doing.

The Doods are doing just fine.
They love waking up in the morning and terrorizing brother Paul
in his bed.

We remembered last night about the dreaded cockleburr,
They are these grass like weeds with these sharp little burrs that just love to get stuck in
all that fine Doodle Hair.

Both girls came back from their walk last night covered.
Paul & I spent about 1/2 an hour picking them out of their paws, legs,
faces etc.

We are now more careful about where we let them walk.

Tomorrow we will visit the Petrified Forest Natl'l Monument &
The Painted Desert.

The day after, we'll pick up camp and head back into the desert near Winslow Arizona
to visit the Meteor Crater where we'll spend the night.

After that we are off to the Sedona Area for 5 days at Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

Check out our online map showing where we are and where we've been.

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