Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where Cattle go after they die

We are now sitting at our next nightly home....   Oasis RV Park in Amarillo, Texas.

Yes as I've said many times before....  Home of the World Famous Big Texan Steak House!

It was just under 500 miles from Aux Arc to our present locale.  We crossed over the Oklahoma Frontier this morning under sunny skies and hurried westward non-stop.  By 3:45 local time we were parked here for the night.

We stayed here last year - as we did at all of our previous stops so far this trip, but tomorrow we start breaking in some new territory.

I mentioned in yesterdays post how good the Doodles are while driving.
Here is a picture of them taken while we were driving down the road.
They are like this for hours!

Now however, they are making up for that rest.  As I write this they are terrorizing all over the Coach.  Running from one end to the other.  Jumping onto the couch, wrestling, barking and generally tearing up the place.
The worst was before though...  some how Lucy jumped up on me while I was typing and erased a whole paragraph that I had composed!   
Maybe that was her literary Review.  Everyones a critic!

After we got settled in and fed the dogs it was off to the Big Texan.  Last year Kate po-po'd the plan and at first she tried to do it again but soon hunger and my talk of juicy seared steak won the day.

First however we had to get dressed up in our finest goin out for vittles Texas Wear

That was just in case you missed my edit to last nights post.

The Big Texan has been an Amarillo institution for years.  It harkens back to the days of old Route 66 which passed right in front.  These days Route 66 has been replaced by I 40 which we have been on since North Carolina.

The claim to fame at the Big Texan is the 72oz Steak.  Eat it and all the fixins within 60 minutes and its free.   If not - its currently $72.

While we were there we were seated near the stage where anyone attempting to eat the 72oz'er sits, and one guy was attempting to eat it.   Next to him are buckets in case he vomits....   

Now think of it...  you pay good money to go out and eat at a place where they have vomit buckets strategically placed for gluttons attempting to eat their way thru 4 1/2 lbs of free beef!
Only in America.....  uh  i mean Texas.

Then as an added benefit we were serenaded by Slim Longhorn and the Prairie Drifters.

Wait - I think one of those guys is my boss Jeff!

Well after a nice steak dinner its back to the RV Park for a walk with the Doodles.

Tomorrow it's into the Desert Country of Gallup New Mexico.
We are getting close to Arizona where we can slow this rig down and start to smell the roses...  or um Cacti.

Right now we have 5 map points and more pictures on our interactive google map that you can access from the blog.
the blog address is  http://eilean350.blogspot.com/

An no...   I didn't eat the big 72oz'r.


  1. Did the guy attempting to eat the steak at the Big Texan win the dinner? Don't tell me he ran you outta there from using the vomit bucket!

    PS - My 6 week post op appt went well and now I can lift up to 10 lbs. Pool therapy starts next week.

  2. All right... the big question of the day... is the black and white photo, photoshopped or did you go to one of those old fashion western stores for the pic? Inquiring minds want to know...lol T

  3. When you stole those outfits I hope you didn't let the Doodles attack Trigger.



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