Monday, May 28, 2012

Oak Creek Canyon

Today - Memorial Day - we traveled back up to Sedona and
beyond, up Oak Creek Canyon towards Flagstaff.

In the West, in most cases, you get into or out of the mountains in a canyon that
follows a stream flowing downhill.
Oak Creek Canyon follows Oak Creek which flows from Flagstaff up around
7,000' into Sedona at around 4,500 feet.
Due to the creek, it is a green oasis.
Is this what you thought Arizona looked like?

Eventually we made it to the top of the canyon and were back up
on the Colorado Plateau.

At the head of the canyon is a National Forest overlook.  At this overlook
the forest service in conjunction with local native american tribes have established
an open air bazaar where you can shop all sorts of interesting wares.

Kate helped the local economy.

She also discussed "Mayberry" (Mt Airy, NC) with one of the
Native American Vendor Ladies who was a huge Andy Griffith Fan and
who wants to make the pilgrimage to Mayberry some day.

Heading back down the canyon you pass Slide Rock State Park.
The park is a water lovers delight.
Oak Creek passes over a bunch of slick rock where you can enjoy a natural
water slide.

Due to it being Memorial Day, we didn't even TRY to get into the park, but
passing by Kate got a picture of the bathers enjoying a cool slide.

Further down the canyon, the red rocks of Sedona once again appear.

And eventually you arrive in "Uptown" Sedona.

Later, we headed back to our home for the last 5 days, 
Dead HorseRanch State Park.

 We took the doods for a long walk around some of the "lagoons" 
natural ponds that are supplied by springs from the surrounding mountains.

Water is life in the desert.
The more there is....   the more there is.

Tomorrow we will spend time back over in Prescott.
Perhaps look at some real estate.
What a great town.  We definitely want to spend some time there in the future.

Weds, hopefully my tire monitor and new internet will arrive via overnight delivery,
I have an appointment at Ford for normal scheduled service, oil change etc.
then Thursday we make the 3.5 hr drive north to Grand Canyon.

Lets hope for an end of the Homolovi dance curse, and the appearance
of the Road runner.

I'm on it Kim.


  1. You better do these road runners justice or there will be "injin" he** to pay...and you don't want to see that. ;-) great blog...great photos

  2. LOL, OK I can be patient. I really enjoy reading your blog and love all the pictures. Kim


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