Sunday, May 20, 2012

BEEP BEEP.... I'll get you Roadrunner!

Who here remember the Road Runner Cartoons?

The Arizona State Bird is the Road Runner.
It's not because the Governor liked the cartoon...  It's because there are 
Road Runners running all over the Desert.

Every time Kate went to the bathroom there were Roadrunners.
Everytime Paul went....  there were Road Runners...
Everytime I went there were Roadrunners.
Everytime I tried to get a picture of them....  There were no road runners.

So instead here are a couple of rabbits...  they were all over the place too!

While I was running around trying to catch a road runner...
The balloons were back up in the morning calm.

How many can you count?

Meanwhile, the two smart ones were having a nice breakfast chat.

The flowering Cacti is just one more example 
of how there it truly life here in the Sonoran Desert.

The desert, to me is so much like the ocean.
It's a wilderness...  but it's full of life.
You just have to look for it.

The ocean is a desert with its life underground and the perfect disguise above...

We are now in Show Low, Arizona.

The sky is getting dark... the solar eclipse is happening.

I need to get outside and away from the computer and commune with Sol.


  1. Beep Beep....Acme Company....always blowing things up but the roadrunner would get away. I have never seen one, just the dusty cloud left behind! Great photos of the cactus flowers, that always amazes me.

    Agree....the desert is so alive, you just have to look harder to see it.

  2. Love all the pictures, but you have to get a picture of a road runner, I don't think I ever saw one!! Kim

  3. I'm with Kim on this... I really want to see a picture of the road runner now! It's sorta your fault, you went and piqued my interst.... T


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