Sunday, May 20, 2012

Show Low... Where did the sun go?

We are now at Fool Hollow Lake State Park in Show Low, Arizona

What a difference a few hours drive makes...

This morning we woke up in the Sonoran Desert & by 1pm
we were in the cool pines sitting by a lake.

For those who think Arizona is nothing but desert...  Think again.

Arizona & Utah are two of my favorite states with such a diversity of scenery and
climate zones that there is something for everyone.

Speaking of diversity...  how about diversity of diet?

Kate has a traveling garden going.
She has a lettuce garden and herb garden in bowls and pots.
Our shower has a skylight above it and is very bright so while on the move,
the shower does double duty as a garden.

Here is Kate harvesting tonights salad from one of the lettuce bowls.

We've been feeding off these gardens since we left.
Pretty crafty that wife of mine!

Tonight we were treated to a solar eclipse just before sundown.
At 5pm it was as dark as 8pm.
It started to get a bit brighter as we passed the max eclipse, but
then the sun started to dip low enough and the remaining days
light dwindled away into twilight and eventually night overcame the day.

So - now we are back in the coach enjoying some rice pudding, hot coffee,
and watching old episodes of Frazier.

The windows are open....  it looks like a good night for
sleeping lies ahead.

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  1. shoot... I suppose this means no more road runners? But have to say, I like the lettuce bowl idea...What kinds of lettuce is she growing? What a great idea! Good thing you brought Katie with you! :-) T


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