Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'll get you yet Roadrunner

I'm still on the track of the rascally Roadrunner..

Of course - this morning I forgot to take the camera when I walked up to
the mens room and on my walk back what was dancing around
the picnic table right out side of our coach???

You guessed it....

So, slowly...  Carefully....
 I go to the truck, get the camera...
move myself into position...
No time to change lenses to the telephoto...

It was like an early morning game of chess...
With me on the losing end.
The roadrunner checking my every move.

I got this one lousy photo.

Look in the circle

I kept stalking them but each time I got the camera up, they would
move into or behind another bush or Cactus.

Up the hill I followed them...
Deeper and deeper into the bush...
Snapping photos but not having confidence that I had caught them...
eventually I had them hiding under a bush...
I figured I'd flush them out and then catch them out in the open for a good shot.

When I got to the bush I looked and looked but
the little rats had disappeared into the desert.

Up to the top of the hill I continue..
Searching all the time...
I've now reached the crest...

All I came back with was this picture of a flowering Banana Yucca

I'm still on the trail Kim.


  1. Thanks for the afternoon laugh!! You should have seen me leaning in real close to the computer for a better view like it makes a difference at all. Are they about the size of a pheasant or larger? I couldn't tell. Kim

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm starting to see now shy the Wily Coyote did some of the things he did... I'm thinking you will need to contact ACME soon Greg.... keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow is the lucky day! T

  3. Try painting a tunnel on a rock. Chase them towards it and get their pic while they are unconscious.

  4. It is time for a trap.....send doodle #1 to a left flank....doodle #2 to a right flank.....then you blast up the center with the video camera running in HD. Then from the video you can capture a still image of these illusive birds. Go get is toooooo funny


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