Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunrise - Sunset

After a warm day the sun dipped below the horizon and we
enjoyed a cool, clear night in the desert.

Some photos of last nights sunset

Then I'm up before the roosters (sunrise here is about 0515)

Notice the small flower on this cactus.

A few weeks earlier they would all have been covered.
I hope to enjoy a spring in the desert soon.

I call this guy Dudley Do-Rite.
He's anatomically correct...  for a cactus that is.

There were 2 hot air balloons taking advantage of the gentle morning breeze.

More remnants of spring

A lone sentinel watches over our site. 

In a couple of hours its off to the airport.


  1. Miss You guys! hope you are having safe travels and a fantabulous time!

  2. Beautiful photos...beautiful desert...such a contrast to the sea. Thanks for sharing these, it is a fun trip.


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