Monday, May 14, 2012

Ozark Arkansas or I love those timezone changes

Our route took us another 480 miles west today and we are now in Ozark, Arkansas at Aux Arc Army Corp Park.  (say that 5 times fast)

Our home tonight is in the Southern Ozark Mountains, on a lake created by a dam on the Arkansas River.  The dam has a power plant and locks for ships traveling up stream on the mighty Arkansas River.  Across the river on the opposite bank is a railroad track that sees a freight train about every 1/2 hour.  Between the barges transiting the locks and the freight trains plying the tracks, it is an interesting place to watch this most basic engine of the American economy on the move.

Below this dam is another lake, another dam and so on all the way downstream to the mississippi.  Upstream the Arkansas travels all the way from its headwaters high in the Colorado Rockies.

Aux Arc is French for Top of the Arc.   Our location is the northern most curve of the Arkansas River in this area (the original Louisiana Purchase) hence the name Aux Arc.   It is also said that the Ozarks got their name from Aux Arc.

About 2 hours into our drive today I promised Kate sunshine and right on schedule just about the time we reached the eastern outskirts of Memphis the sun broke free of the clouds and brightened our journey.

Right along the side of I40, just before crossing the Mississippi into Arkansas you pass by St Jude Children's Hospital founded by the late Danny Thomas.

A routine while moving cross country is the daily fuel stop to take on 50 gallons or so of #2 Diesel.

At our stops we find a patch of grass for the Doodles to stretch their legs, give them some water and a cookie.  Then they jump back into the back seat of the truck and go to sleep.  Traveling with them is a joy. They are so good that sometimes we have to check to make sure that they are back there.

Tomorrow morning we are back on the road for another 500 mile dash west to Amarillo Texas.  Home of the Big Texan Steak House.  Unfortunately there will be no time for me to try my hand at the 72oz steak dinner.

Margie has mentioned that I have been not doing our daily self portrait.  You are right Margie but we usually don't do it while dashing down the highway, but really....  why not?   So tomorrow I'll try to remember and start including that regardless of what mode we are in.

Now that you've read this far...  Have you?
I'll tell you about the title of this blog - more specifically the I love those timezone changes part...

We all know how Kate loves to sleep.
And how difficult she can be to get up in the morning.
On the road - when we are traveling, I usually let her sleep to 7 and we hit the road at 8.

Me on the other hand....   I'm an early riser.  I like to get my day started with the roosters.
Well....  traveling westbound I've figured our a little helper.
When we go thru a time zone - don't tell kate.

Now its really 7am...  Kate thinks it 8am...  and we are on the road an hour early.

One last mention:
Today is the start of American Craft Beer Week.
It is this week each year when we salute those small craftsmen who sacrifice all in the pursuit of Hop/Yeast Nirvana.

So please go out out and hoist a pint or two in salute of those who do it all for us!

Oh... and for you margie....

Todays self portrait...  (thanks Pat)

Happy Trails!


  1. Cheers road warriors....and the traveling Doodles...these 500 mile days are tough. I am shot after 50 miles on the boat. But 1 hr by truck is 10 hrs by boat! We too need a fuel stop tomorrow, we will take on 30 gallons. Hey...made bread today, stop by :-)

  2. Greg:

    We hope to catch up with you later this year and have the fabulous meatballs that we should have had late last year on our way South.

    Have a great time and keep on posting.

    Like we talked about in Grenada I've stolen your "Know Before You Go" idea and will be posting my two most recent experiences.


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