Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meteor Crater

Well today we finally said good bye to Show Low and hit the road.
Our destination was a short 75 miles and was a bit of Deja vue.
We are back at our campsite in Homolovi State Park just north of Winslow.

There is several ways to get to our next destination just outside of Sedona...

We chose to make a big loop  (see the on-line map on the blog and you'll understand).
By staying again at Homolovi, we are able to park and make a day trip to Meteor Crater.

Meteor Crater was created about 50,000 years ago when a meteor about 150' diameter
decided to hit this part of the country at about 26,000 mph.

The end result was this.

The crater is about 1 mile across and about 700 feet deep.
It could fit over 20 football fields at the bottom.
If it was a stadium, it would seat over 2 million people.
It was used by all the Apollo Astronauts for practice prior to the moon landings.

Our self portrait

Kate gets up close and personal

Some of the local residents.

One of the test capsules used in the Apollo Program

Tomorrow we have a short 2 1/2hr drive to the Sedona, Az area.
Our next port of call for 5 days will be Dead Horse Ranch State Park
in Cottonwood, Az.

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  1. that is a big crater and massive dent in the earth! Imagine being next to this when it hit! I wonder if it made a sound? You know....if not one was there, to hear it, did it make a thud?
    Great pics, fun to see


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